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We can supply a full Aluminium Street and Strip radiator to suit your 2uz-fe(petrol) powered CRUISERUZJ100. This radiator is designed for heavy duty applications such as Supercharged, Towing and Off Road applications.

Our well designed aluminium cores are a brilliant design. This radiator is our two row core, 58 mm thick, each row is a massive 26 mm.

Reference to "3 Row" in the industry usually refers to smaller 10-12 mm tubes. The most efficient way to build a radiator for maximum heat transfer is to use wide tubes.

All our aluminium cores are vacuum brazed and all parts are TIG welded - no glue is used. This radiator core will outperform top quality 4 row Brass Copper radiators.

Our Aluminium radiators are FULL Aluminium, Aluminium tanks, fully tig welded to Aluminium cores.

All radiators come with a three year warranty against manufacturing faults, and can be extended to five years.

We also have a full range of independent transmission oil coolers, engine oil coolers and other associated items.

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