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We can supply a full Aluminium Street and Strip radiator to suit your windsor powered FORD37-39.

Introducing our new original style hot rod tank! Made from heavy duty guauge Aluminium - it's high performance cooling and looks the part!

Aussie Desert Cooler have built hot rod radiators for decades. We know what we're doing and we know how nice it is to cruise without a worry in the world. With our knowledge, experience, we can set you up with the best solution.

Please note bottom hose location can be on the Australian drivers side or Australians passengers side, depending on what fuel pump you are using. There is provision below for you to let us know which one you need.

Our well designed aluminium cores are a brilliant design. This radiator is our two row core, 58 mm thick, each row is a massive 26 mm.

Reference to "3 Row" in the industry usually refers to smaller 10-12 mm tubes. The most efficient way to build a radiator for maximum heat transfer is to use wide tubes.

All our aluminium cores are vacuum brazed and all parts are TIG welded - no glue is used. This radiator core will outperform top quality 4 row Brass Copper radiators.

Our Aluminium radiators are FULL Aluminium, Aluminium tanks, fully tig welded to Aluminium cores.

Please note that if you like the nostalgia look but want the cooling capacity of the Aluminium, you can paint this Aluminium radiator black. Be careful what paint is used, the top and bottom tank can be painted in any paint, but be careful with the core. GMH Chassis black is a good choice particularly for the core - only give the core a light spray.

Prices for Thermo fans options include brackets and will be mounted to the radiator for easy installation.

All radiators come with a three year warranty against manufacturing faults, and can be extended to five years.

We also have a full range of independent transmission oil coolers, engine oil coolers and other associated items.

Please tell us at check out if you have a Gilmore drive, if you have hi comp, if you have a grout filled engine, or any other extreme or highly worked engine attributes.

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